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Integrated digital healthcare platform that digitises the end-to-end outpatient experience. Patients can access doctor consultations delivered through low-cost USSD services, home-based lab tests, medication ordering and delivery, and daily locally relevant health tips. Rapidly expanding across Africa






Delivering medical services at the touch of a button

Sub-saharan Africa bears the highest disease burden in the world with slow and limited access to medical healthcare, expensive and inconvenient hospital trips for small or minor prescriptions and unequal distribution of health care services. Zuri Health aims to fill this gap by digitally connecting patients to healthcare service providers via a mobile app, website, Whatsapp bot and SMS service, helping them access affordable healthcare services. 

Through the app, patients can chat and consult with doctors, buy medication from a pharmacy, book labs and diagnostic tests and have a doctor visit them at home. Zuri Health takes into cognizance Africa’s unique challenges and offers First-level medical consultations via a SMS service to take care of the over 65% of the population without access to smartphones or the internet.

With Zuri Health the underserved populace can now access affordable and sustainable healthcare! Zuri Health is looking to partner with certified healthcare providers (Doctors, Pharmacies, Lab & Diagnostic centers) and Mobile Operators  to aid in the distribution of healthcare services.

Zuri Health

Meet the founding team

 Ikechukwu Arthur Anoke
Ikechukwu Arthur Anoke
Founder and CEO
Daisy Isiaho
Daisy Isiaho
Co-founder and CPO

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