BUILDING thriving African startupS, driving prosperity across the continent

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Our Agtech cohort is officially opened for applications

FFA has partnered with Small Foundation, to provide funding for entrepreneurs to build and scale AgriTech startups across the continent.

What our portfolio business are doing to help with COVID-19

We'd like to recognize some of the business from the FFA portfolio who are creating innovative solutions for the healthcare community and beyond.

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Kudigo achieved 364% user growth in six months with FFA

We helped Kudigo establish a clear pathway into their  vision of scaling into an African unicorn within five years.

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Schoolable acquired 5000+ users for their new app within the first 2 months of launch

How our team of experts delivered hands-on support to help Schoolable reach their goal. 

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Tripplo added 3 product features through FFA's partnership with Standard Bank

Tripplo is a logistics software platform built to automate and optimise operations for transporters in Africa.

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A thriving African startup economy driving prosperity across the continent
We are ambitious and driven

54 countries, countless opportunities for ambitious startups to thrive

We provide hands-on support for early-stage tech entrepreneurs powering Africa’s startup ecosystems, with the goal to build and scale 88 startups in 5 years.


Our continent is rich with creative and ambitious entrepreneurs and talented teams. New solutions for local challenges are in constant development and transformed into business opportunities, while meeting real human needs.

Home-grown innovation, entrepreneurs and ideas

From HealthTech startups preventing outbreaks through rapid diagnostics to FinTech startups unlocking new financial markets, and Agritech ensuring more robust food supply, African startups are driving unprecedented technology enabled growth— with African entrepreneurs behind the wheel. Inspired by the startups we work with, we’re dedicated to supporting the exceptional founders redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur in Africa.

We offer two startup programs, BUILD and SCALE, designed for African entrepreneurs building and scaling early-stage startups or alternatively join a startup or our team.


The Build Program:
Start a business

A fast-track for exceptional founders.

We provide up to $200k in cash investments and a further $400k in services & support for ambitious entrepreneurs. We help to design and build solutions to high-impact problems from the ground up, and turn those solutions into massively scalable businesses — from idea, through investment, to launch.

Are you an experienced founder, looking for your next challenge or a team to help you turn your latest idea into reality?

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The Scale Program:
Grow your startup

For mass-adoption and market dominance.

We work together to scale established African businesses, providing up to $100k in cash and another $200k in services, access to experts, and extra tools needed to support their ambitions and scale your startup across the continent through a custom program and hands-on collaboration.

Is your startup ready to scale, and you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you achieve sustainable growth?

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Our ambitious business builders


We’ll never be able to match the knowledge founders have — of their industry, country, or opportunity. Instead, we bring our hands-on, technical expertise, a global support structure, local investors and decades of collective experience in building and scaling successful companies.

Our portfolio of tech-enabled businesses shines a spotlight on diversity — in leadership, location, and solution. Collectively, we share the desire to create something extraordinary. And we’re making it happen - together.

Ranging from Seed to Series A, the businesses all have a product in market, with existing customers and partners, growing revenue and approaching investment rounds.

My Health Africa

Designing the future of innovation

To build unicorns, you need to think outside the box and accept that risk and failure are part of the journey. We don’t copy/paste the Silicon Valley model and expect it to work. We’ve learned from decades of local experience in building ventures. Together with our corporate partners, global network, and founding teams, we’re intentionally and diligently designing a roadmap for innovation and prosperity that is uniquely African.

An exceptional team of makers and doersExpertise and experience

An exceptional team of makers and doers

Every startup works with our Makers Lab - a full-time team of digital and technical experts in software engineering, technology, product design, growth marketing, UX and UI and more. Additionally, our startups get hands-on support on talent and hiring, PR, communications, partnerships and Business Development, investment readiness and fundraising.

Our team is the ‘secret sauce’ that transforms our operational advantages and industry knowledge into a powerhouse of innovation and collaboration.


The value of corporate-startup collaboration

As a partner or investor, your assets and networks give our startups a unique edge. Your expertise, data, market insights, relationships, credibility and capital become startup superpowers. We call it the “unfair advantage”.

In return, we offer a de-risked internal innovation model, access to the best talent on the continent, and the expertise to turn your idle IP into agile opportunities — creating valuable, scalable products and services. You’ll benefit from technological transformation, and receive commercial and cultural returns on your investment or partnership.

We also collaborate with partners starting — or expanding— operations in Africa, offering a proven, strategic approach for entering new markets and increasing profitability.

Working together, we unlock success that would be impossible to achieve alone.

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Our corporate investors

Largest African bank by assets with a unique footprint across 20 African countries. With more than 54 000 employees, approximately 1 200 branches and 9 000 ATMs on the African continent.

Leading private healthcare group in South Africa, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenue of R21 589 million in 2019 and 21 000 permanent employees.

Small Foundation, a Dublin-based philanthropic foundation focused on the rural and agriculture sector in sub-Saharan Africa, has partnered with FFA to support agtech startups across sub-Saharan Africa.


Mission-driven with an entrepreneurial spirit

We believe in the potency of innovation, collaboration and passion to create real change. We’re fueling the early-stage entrepreneurs driving Africa’s startup economy and improving the lives of real people, all while striving to unlock opportunities for real economic growth across the continent.

From joining one of our Startup Teams or the FFA Core Team to applying to the Build or Scale Program, there are at least 4 ways we could work together.

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Mission-driven with an entrepreneurial spiritWe are part of the worldwide network of Founders Factory

We are part of the worldwide network of influential Founders Family companies

The Founders group of companies, built by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox, is built on the belief that the world would be a better place if entrepreneurial spirit can flourish. They have created the best ecosystem in technology to support that idea. Founders Factory employs over 130 digital operators and has launched hubs in London, Johannesburg, New York and Paris.

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Founders Factory in the worldWorld map