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Turning startup concepts into reality in 12 weeks
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validate your idea

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Gen F is powered by Founders Factory Africa, Founders Factory Africa
powers Gen F one of the continent's largest and most active,
hands-on investors.

Bootstrapping a
new idea is hard.

It requires certain skills and
most founders can't take the
financial risk.

How can Gen F help you build?

We give you an experimentation budget and access to experts to test and launch your idea.

You'll then qualify to pitch for up to $250k further funding to launch it.

The Gen F deal.

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A 12 week sprint
with our Venture
Design Studio

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A competitive test and
learn budget to
validate your idea

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Upon internal
approval, up to
$250 000 investment

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Targeted support
from FFA's
expert team

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Apply now

Who is Gen F for?

  • Exceptional founders/aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build out and test their ideas, achieve commercial success and create outsized, systemic impact.
  • Outstanding professionals and domain experts looking to make the transition from the corporate environment to entrepreneurship.
  • Founders looking to build tech solutions that solve Africa’s largest problems and catalyse change.
  • Entrepreneurs who have a keen eye for local market gaps and a sharp sense for local problems that they are passionate about solving.

Frequently asked questions

Who qualifies for the Gen F Initiative?
Aspiring founders with the relevant background building a VC-backable startup. These

could be:
  • Former startup founders who understand what it takes to build startup ideas
  • Domain experts who have a unique insight into the problem they are trying to solve
  • Corporate professionals looking to move into entrepreneurship due to a gap in the market that they have identified
  • Senior operators who have worked in an African startup previously
  • Founders with a well-researched concept solving a deep African problem in a large market
  • Founders who are able to commit full-time to refine and validate their concept for 10-12 weeks, and then move full-time into their startup
  • Ideas with high potential for commercial returns, with embedded impact
  • Founders who are at the earliest stages of building their startup idea (pre-revenue)
What should I expect after applying?

We have intentionally made this process as simple as possible so it’s not onerous on the founder. Our application process is broken down in the following stages:

  • Application form - to vet the market opportunity and get to know the founder a little bit. If you have not heard from us in 1 week from applying, please consider your application unsuccessful
  • Exploratory Chat - a 30 min session to meet the founder and assess founder/market fit. Outcome will be communicated in 2 weeks from initial chat.
  • Panel Interview - a 1 hour  session with different members at FFA to probe a little bit more into your concept. Outcome will be communicated in 1 week after the panel interview.
How much funding and support do I get?
During GenF, we provide:
  • A competitive once-off budget to run market validation experiments
  • Working closing with our venture builders to refine your concept and help you prep for IC
If Investment Committe approved:
  • Free access to our studio services to launch your startup
  • Up to $250 000 in funding available
We don’t take payment from founders (in the form of a programme fee or otherwise) to participate in GenF
How does Gen F differ from an incubator or accelerator?
  • We are neither. We are a venture design studio and Generation Founder (Gen F) is a founder-led initiative where our expert team of venture builders help you ideate, discover, define and refine your early stage concept. This is done to help you present your opportunity at our Investmenet Commitee (IC)
  • Each startup will receive personalised support from our venture design team who are situated in key markets. 
When do the applications close?
  • Applications are on a rolling basis and hence they are always open. Please apply anytime.

Am I a Gen F?

What are you waiting for?

Exceptional founders looking to build and test their ideas.
Previous startup experience is preferable.
Passionate about solving problems on the African continent.
Fully committed to a high-intensity founder journey.
Curious about learning and unlocking new opportunities.