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WellaHealth is a micro-insurance product built to address the highly unaffordable traditionally bundled medical insurance model. Their plans cover common illnesses (e.g. malaria) delivered through partnerships with pharmacies to dispense convenient tests and care






Providing affordable health insurance for Africa

Wellahealth is a health technology startup. Their goal is to provide affordable and accessible, high-quality healthcare protection for all Africans. WellaHealth’s first product provided affordable access to malaria insurance in Nigeria. 

100,000 people die from malaria in Nigeria, and 50% of Nigeria’s 190 million population will have an episode of malaria, each year. The cost of quality treatment is prohibitive for many, between $10 - $15 per episode, while late treatment risks complications and death. Wellahealth’s malaria microinsurance costs as little as $0.04 per day, and covers testing, treatment and follow-up. 

WellaHealth runs their health care program in partnership with Axa Mansard, one of the largest insurers in the world, and now offer three types of care-plan. They also provide pharmaceutical care software to manage patient relationships for pharmacies. 

Wellahealth is looking to partner with Mobile Network Operators and insurance companies across Africa.


Meet the founding team

Dr. Ikpeme Neto
Dr. Ikpeme Neto
Founder & CEO
Adebayo Asamu
Adebayo Asamu
Technology lead
Olanrewaju Akintobi
Olanrewaju Akintobi
Business Development lead

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