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Building modern tools for stakeholders in the medical supply chain to ensure that medical products are always available and accessible






We are building modern tools for stakeholders in the medical supply chain.

Every minute, five people are dying in the developing world because of diseases that could be prevented if the right medical products were available. Health care providers in Sub-Saharan Africa are mostly not data-driven and procure medical supplies based on gut-feeling, which leads to excessive overstocking and expiration of certain products as well as regular stock outs of essential products, resulting in low quality, inefficient health care and preventable deaths.

VIEBEG's data-driven procurement platform ensures that health care providers always have the right quantities of products in stock and the right medical equipment to properly treat their patients. Moreover, our ML models predict optimal payment terms for each customer, enabling us to provide BNPL for consumables and equipment financing.

We build AI to anticipate shocks of all kinds, from supply shocks to climate events, to civil unrest, to ultimately deliver live-saving health products in challenging environments, just in time.


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Tobias Reiter
Tobias Reiter
Founder and CEO
Alex Musyoka
Alex Musyoka
Founder and CCO

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