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An Omnichannel Healthtech company providing healthcare services in real time and at an affordable cost






We deliver healthcare where patients live, work and click

600 million  people in Africa do not have health services when needed (with a focus on curative rather than preventive care further inflating costs by about 45%). Traditionally, high-overhead brick and mortar establishments continue to dominate the landscape with no real innovation in healthcare.

This results in poor use of healthcare resources (human and material). In addition, 35% of healthcare workers are either unemployed or underemployed while accessing services are very inconvenient (with averaging waiting time to see a healthcare worker being 45 minutes).

Tibu Health mitigates many of the problems above by providing easy access to primary outpatient care through a tech-powered Omnichannel service delivery model (web, app, in-person, home, virtual). This model provides actual patient-centric healthcare services in familiar and comfortable environments. We also digitize all health encounters and provide for continuous patient engagement, follow-up and scheduling of services

TIBU Health

Meet the founding team

Jason Carmichael,
Jason Carmichael,
CEO and Co-founder
Peter Gicharu
Peter Gicharu
CTO and Co-founder

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