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Smart farming solutions company providing holistic hardware and software that enable farmers to increase their yield and productivity, whilst reducing risk. Their solutions include solar-powered IoT-enabled greenhouses and irrigation systems, that provide real-time insights on farm health






Making complex farming feel simple for African farmers.

Africa's full agricultural potential remains untapped. Small to midsize farmers often lack access to effective, efficient and affordable irrigation equipment and farming insights to improve productivity and increase yields. This reduces the productivity and incomes of farmers and leaves them vulnerable to rainfall risks and the effects of climate change.

Illuminum Greenhouse partners with farmers to provide smart greenhouses, irrigation equipment and soil analysis equipment, powered by AI and machine learning. Farmers can control their farm remotely from their mobile phone and get real-time information on the  irrigation needs of their crops. This helps them increase yields by up to 30% and reduce water usage by up to 60%, maximising income and profitability.  


Meet the founding team

Taita Ngetich
Taita Ngetich
CEO and Founder
Paul Obwaka
Paul Obwaka

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