Rural Farmers Hub

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Rural Farmers Hub provides farmers with advisory services guided by satellite-based remote imagery.






We organise Africa precision agdata into actionable insights and make it accessible to all.

Yield productivity in Africa has been declining for three decades for most crops, with the productivity of grains in Africa less than half the global average and farmers lack access to the latest – and climate-smart – information, leading to an inability to improve yield, and increase income.

Our core product offering provides farmers with data driven advice on soil, crop and climate to help improve soil quality, increase crop yield and mitigate the risk of pest infestation.

Agro processing  and manufacturing companies, input companies, farmer cooperatives, and  Int donor organisations.

Rural Farmers Hub

Meet the founding team

Olusegun Adegun
Olusegun Adegun
Founder and CEO
Gabriel Eze
Gabriel Eze
Founder and COO

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