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PneaumaCare is a healthcare delivery platform and infrastructure enabler for healthcare startups and providers to deliver improved healthcare experiences and outcomes to their patients.






Our platform helps you digitize your patient engagement, collect real time data and insights that help you attract and retain more patients

Existing healthcare delivery systems are not incentivised to improve patient care outcomes and experiences. Similarly, traditional healthcare providers do not have the technological tools to improve patient engagements, while integrations with digital platforms are manual, slow, and painful.

Frontdesk enables healthcare providers and administrators to manage and digitise end-to-end patient engagement, offering capabilities such as scheduling, encounters, messaging, online forms, clinical workflows, and analytics. 

We also provide APIs and SDKs that enable developers to integrate telehealth capabilities and third-party services into their solutions.


Meet the founding team

Ayodele Adeyemo
Ayodele Adeyemo
Co-Founder and CEO
Adeline Okoh
Adeline Okoh
Co-Founder and COO

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