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Early-wage access platform that enables employees to access a portion of their earned wages during the payroll cycle. Floatpays aims to increase the financial wellness of African employees, by reducing the cycle of payday debt, and improving financial education and management.

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Financial wellbeing for workers across Africa

Our expenses don’t always match up to our pay cycles. Sometimes people need to access their earned wages before payday arrives, due to unforeseen circumstances,   emergencies and an unplanned celebration.

To meet these expenses, many employees seek advances from loan sharks, friends, family and banks — which can be expensive if they involve credit and uncomfortable if they put pressure on loved ones, creating stress and a cycle of borrowing and repaying debt.  

FloatPays gives employees real time access to a portion of their earned wages, allowing them to pay their expenses with zero interest on money accessed and without putting pressure on their families or employers. They also help their customers achieve financial wellbeing through assistance with financial training, planning and budgeting.

Financial security has been proven to improve employee mental health, productivity at work, a reduction in employer turnover and leads to happier, more engaged, more productive employees. FloatPays integrates with the employer payroll seamlessly or can be a manual file upload to employers without an automated payroll solution.

FloatPays is looking to partner with all employers - big and small.


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Simon Ward
Simon Ward
CTO & Co-founder

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