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Working together we can achieve the impossible

We’re looking for experienced startup talent to join our exceptional team, from founders to VC’s, developers and engineers to designers and marketers.
If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition to build something amazing in Africa, we’d like to hear from you.


We thrive when our people thrive

We’re a performance-driven company. But we’re also all about people, and proud of the culture and community we’ve created. We give our best at all times — from our team, and for it.

Innovative, collaborative, human

We bring different approaches, diverse perspectives, and unique dynamics to achieve our goals — each person we bring into the company is passionate and empathetic towards the entrepreneurial journey.

Empowerment and responsibility

We hire people who are leaders in their area of expertise, who are never happy with accepting the status quo if there’s a chance to make something better, who motivate themselves and inspire those around them. Each member of our team is empowered to challenge and design new industry standards, finding what works best, not just what has worked before. Yes, we expect a lot from our team — but we also make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

FFA Headquarters: Johannesburg

From the moment you walk in, you should get the FFA feeling. We’ve tried to turn our passion into something you can sense, hang it from the walls and shout it from the ceiling. We’ve invested time into our aesthetic design, beautiful African artworks, and auditorium, where we host workshops for founders, team meetings, and events. You’ll most likely be met with the acoustic sounds of African giants such as Fela Kuti playing in the background, and our open kitchen gives you a good taste for the family-style environment that we operate in. It’s our own special part of the concrete jungle in the heart of Johannesburg, buzzing with energy, diverse entrepreneurs, and new ideas and music bouncing off the wall (literally).

Different ways to join FFAWorking together we can achieve the impossible
joining the ffa Family

Different ways to join FFA


Join the FFA core team

Be a part of Africa’s transformation by applying to join the core FFA core team. Our full-time team of operational experts work directly with our start-ups and entrepreneurs to build amazing startups.

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Join one of our startup teams

We have a growing portfolio of pan-African start-ups building incredible products across the continent. Our start-ups are always looking for incredible talented people who believe in what they’re doing to join them on their journey to scale.

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Become an FFA startup founder

Our Venture Design team focuses on finding real opportunities to build successful new businesses. While we’re incredibly excited about the possibilities that new technology offers, we never start the process with a technical solution. Instead, we look for tangible human problems, and innovative, scalable ways to solve them. Once we have a solution, we find a founder we can work with to turn that idea into reality.

We reduce the risk of a new venture, providing a validated product idea and IP backed by our corporate partners — while you focus on building the business.

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Apply with your own startup idea

FFA also partners with entrepreneurs who are still in the idea phase. If accepted, you’ll collaborate with the Venture Design team to refine your initial concept and proposition, and we’ll explore the idea together before pitching it to our investors. If the refined concept is approved, we’ll take the next step together. If not, all IP produced will belong to you, and you can move the venture forward independently, with as much sound advice as you’d like to take with you.

We want to get to know you. So come in, spend some time with us, and let’s find out if we’d make a great team.

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Join the FFA startup Scale Program

We are also looking for established, early-stage African startups and driven entrepreneurs to join the FFA family. We’ll work together to scale your business, offering the access, infrastructure, and extra tools needed to support your ambitions and scale your startup across the continent. If you’re interested in collaborating with a creative, experienced team of industry experts and unlocking your ventures’ full potential, talk to us today.


The people behind FFA

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