Tripplo added 3 product features through FFA’s partnership with Standard Bank

End-to-end logistics platform that enables the safe and efficient movement of cargo by connecting cargo owners to quality tech-enabled transporters. Tripplo has also launched a white-label closed marketplace for corporations to optimise their internal fleets and logistics

The challenge

Building a business from the ground up is difficult. It’s one thing to know the problems you’re trying to solve. It’s another to build a product to solve them from scratch. Tripplo knew fleet owners were experiencing issues giving money upfront to drivers on their trips. There was no transparency around how much was needed and how it was spent. The problem was even harder to manage across borders. So Standard Bank stepped in to support Tripplo, helping them get to the right experts fast, and delivering an “unfair advantage” to Tripplo and their customers.


Saved on tasks by operations teams inside My Fleet module


Expected cost savings on trips per truck per month

The solution

Standard Bank’s Instant Money team gave Tripplo access to the Instant Money Bulk Issuing platform, in collaboration with the ATM and Branches location team. In return, Tripplo will help the Instant Money team access a new wave of unbanked customers as Tripplo tries a new use-case with the platform, and potentially structure preferential commercial deals on their Instant Money product. Tripplo can now enable transporters to send money to drivers via ATMs and branches en-route, as and when they need it — removing the requirement to carry all the cash for their journey at once.

Standard Bank’s eMarket Trader team opened up their APIs and UAT environment to Tripplo — something they don’t normally do for a company that doesn’t work with settlements. Access to these APIs meant that Tripplo can now enable transporters to convert multi-country trip plans into their home currencies, live on Tripplo’s Trip Planning module. In upcoming iterations of the product, Tripplo will be able to help transporters across Africa settle on the platform, supported by Standard Bank’s eMarket Trader platform.

Standard Bank continues to support Tripplo with access to market insights and industry expertise, as well as offer introductions to potential partners and customers.

Meet the Tripplo founder

Victor Chaitezvi



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