Kudigo achieved over 364% user growth in 6 months with Founders Factory Africa

E-commerce enablement technologies for online and offline SMME transactions. KudiGo has developed both D2C and white-label platforms that digitise the operations of informal merchants, enabling payment processing, inventory management, and market access.

The challenge

When Kudigo first joined our Scaling program, they had already launched a great product in two markets - Nigeria and Ghana. Their next challenge was finding a clear pathway to achieving their vision; to scale into an African unicorn within 5 years.

Our team of growth engineers, partnership experts, data scientists, software engineers and product hackers, deployed to deliver hands-on support to help Kudigo reach their goal.. 


User Volume Growth


Monthly transaction volume increase

Over  10X growth
in 6 months

Monthly Revenue Growth

Kudigo Team 1
Kudigo Team 2

The solution

Working directly with the Kudigo team, we focused on the Kudigo app to improve product-market fit based on user research and iterative hypothesis testing. This immediately resulted in an improvement in the product usage.

We then modelled out Kudigo’s conversion funnel, noting 2 growth bottlenecks in the areas of customer activation and retention. Our Growth Engineer - Bili Sule - travelled to the Kudigo office in Ghana, where she facilitated growth hacking workshops and supported the team with planning and implementing automated activation campaigns throughout their conversion funnel.

We also supported Kudigo with improving retention by restructuring their Customer Service operations with CRM tooling, process optimisations and performance management.

Lastly, we made formal introductions and facilitated partnership discussions with Standard Bank and Jumia Nigeria, to unlock the next level of growth through mass distribution via ecosystem partners.

Kudigo Team Picture

Meet the Kudigo founders

Kingsley Abrokwah

Kingsley Abrokwah

Chief Enabler
Yaa Prince-Boateng

Yaa Prince-Boateng

Chief Operating Officer

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