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Terms of application submission:

Your application is being submitted to FFA subject to the website terms and conditions, privacy policy, and FFA's intellectual property policy that can be viewed here

By submitting this application you hereby agree and warrant as follows:

1. Your application does not disclose any proprietary or confidential information about your business, products, or services.

2.  Your application discloses only a general description of a commercial product, service, or business solution subject to the application being submitted.

3. You grant FFA and its affiliates a non-exclusive, in perpetuity, worldwide license to reproduce and otherwise use the contents of your application and any documents attached thereto for purposes connected to FFA's application review and approval processes.

4. By submitting this application, you hereby waive any rights or claims against FFA or its affiliates for any losses that may arise from or are connected to your submission of this application.

5. Your application does not contain any content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of any third parties and that the business, product, service, or solution that is subject of the application does not infringe on the proprietary rights of a third party.

Communications from Founders Factory Africa

We may send you any notices via e-mail or regular mail to the address we have on file for you. We may also provide notice to you by displaying the notice on the Site as described in these Terms of Use. You will provide any notices to Founders Factory Africa solely as directed in these Terms of Use or in writing at the email address set forth below.

Founders Factory Africa communications may include service announcements, administrative messages, and email newsletters. You understand that these communications shall be considered part of using the Services. As part of our policy to provide you total privacy, we also provide you the option of opting out from receiving newsletters from us. However, you will not be able to opt out from receiving service announcements and administrative messages.

Contact Founders Factory Africa

If you have any questions about these Terms of Use or our information-handling practices, or if you would like to request information about our disclosure of personal information to third-parties for their direct marketing purposes, please contact us by email at africa-enquiries@foundersfactory.co.