Equity and non-dilutive capital

The right capital at the right time.

Founders Factory Africa is a Pan-African fund that invests up to USD250,000 in startups through a mixture of equity and non-dilutive capital.

We invest in promising pre-seed and seed ventures and back founders who prioritise business fundamentals, impact, and enterprise sustainability. Our capital is curated and deployed to support the growth aspirations of your startup wherever it is on the venture maturity curve.

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Bespoke hands-on venture support

Partnering with you to grow your venture

Our team of in-market venture building specialists, including Product, Growth, Partnerships, and Investments, helps your startup attain product-market fit and grow by leveraging its critical traction levers.

Whether it's plugging you into our investor network, helping you build a value proposition or rapid prototype, coaching you to grow and iterate based on your traction drivers, or curating commercial partners, we collaborate to move your startup further,

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