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Product Manager

Phakamani Mbatha

Phakamani is a dynamic Product Manager at FFA, who focuses on helping our founders and teams adopt concise thinking processes when designing and building new products. Having graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Information Technology Management, Phakamani brings an interesting narrative and way of thinking when it comes to problem solving.

His love for building products that have the power to impact people’s lives was unearthed quite early in his career at Barclays Africa Group, where he was part of the Pan African Leadership Programme. Here, he dedicated his time to building alternative banking solutions on Self-Service Channels. Following this, he joined the Absa Digital Banking Team as Digital Product Manager & Specialist, where he was responsible for the delivery and execution of the business digital strategy. Phakamani has worked with multiple teams in building products within the FinTech & MarTech industries, as a Product Manager and System Owner.

His love for what he does comes from constant introspection - “What is my job on the planet? What is it that needs doing?” He believes that by answering these you can find your calling towards doing the things you love and are passionate about!


My father used this Zulu Proverb / Saying to always push us to go for our dreams and aspirations. Iso liwela umfula ugcwele

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