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Redbird is transforming the role of pharmacies in primary care and democratising patient data through rapid diagnostic services.

Accra, Ghana





Medical monitoring for modern life

Chronic disease is exploding across Africa. Patients require lifelong health monitoring to remain healthy, but the current solution for a checkup is to wait at a hospital — which often takes an entire day.

These patients need accessible, convenient ways to monitor and manage their health. Meanwhile, pharmacies are being squeezed on margins for transactional sales, and are looking to move into service-based offerings. 

Redbird provides pharmacies with a suite of verified rapid diagnostic tests, covering chronic and infectious diseases, alongside Redbird’s Health Monitoring software. Patients avoid the travel and queues at a hospital and can monitor their health digitally from their local pharmacy, and pharmacies can supplement their services while also providing essential care.

Redbird currently operates through ~130 pharmacies across Ghana, and are looking to partner with pharmacy groups in West Africa.


Meet the founding team

Patrick Beattie
Patrick Beattie
Co-founder & CEO
Andrew Quao
Andrew Quao
Co-founder & COO
Edward Grandstaff
Edward Grandstaff
Co-founder & CTO

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