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Fieldy forecasts the supply of strategic crops across smallholder value chains in emerging markets






Remotely monitoring smallholder farmer networks

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 80% of agricultural produce is grown by smallholder farmers. This translates to an estimated 33 million smallholder farms contributing up to 70% of Africa’s food supply. However, there is limited and inaccurate information about smallholder farming activity making it difficult to predict supply. This results in operational inefficiencies, increased risk, volatile pricing, and decreased investment in smallholder dominated value chains. 


Fieldly addresses this problem in two ways. Firstly by using a satellite monitoring service to capture up-to-date information across smallholder farmers like crop type, yield, and farming practices. Secondly, by using data to quantify the acreage and supply of strategic crops at an almost national level. This enables large agri players, from governments to offtakers & FMCGs, to plan procurement, investments, price forecasts and food security.

Fieldy are seeking partnerships with large agribusinesses, UN, government, agtech, fintech and emerging startups. 


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Bernard Wright
Bernard Wright
Founder and Managing Director
Ingrid van Beuzekom
Ingrid van Beuzekom
Founder and Operations Director

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